PillBoxFiller Kit - w/ FREE EzPillbox

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PillBoxFiller™ with FREE EzPillbox™ (7-day am/pm)

The Indispensable Dispenser™

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  • Patented - Easy - Fast - Safe 
  • Save Time & Money — Reduce Stress
  • Relieve Frustration From Annoying Lids
  • All But Eliminate Damaged and Lost Pills
  • Fill Your Pillbox Much Faster & Considerably Easier
  • Be Safe - Get the Right Pills in the Right Place
  • Easy for Stiff, Achy Fingers
  • Braille Letter on Lids
  • EzPillbox is engineered to open easily, but absolutely stay shut--even when dropped on the floor or crushed in your bag.

If you take the same pills multiple times a day, buy a second PillBoxFiller and reduce your pillbox fill-time even more.

With a PillBoxFiller on each side of your EzPillbox, you only have to handle each pill bottle once.

If you have a pillbox with three or more day-parts, you can simply lay multiple pillboxes on the counter, fill them as needed, and easily and quickly transfer pills at one time to the respective day-part row.

Or just use one PillBoxFiller and fill it as many times as needed. PillBoxFiller works with pillboxes with lids hinged in the rear of each compartments, or on either side.

The critical dimension is the width, 8.87 in. PillBoxFiller is designed to work with your existing pillbox if it is the same width or even slightly narrower or wider--the funnel openings not only help the pills easily slide into the correct compartment, but they also allow for some leeway in pillbox width.

Of course, the best way is to simply buy the Kit, receive a free pillbox, and you don't have to worry about width. 

But if you take pills more that twice a day, then just check that the width of your multi-day-part pillbox is ~8.8 in. Or again, simply buy an extra EzPillbox and you will have four day-part rows.