Simple & efficient to use:

  • Hook the Pillbox Filler tabs onto the pillbox compartments front edge as shown and rest the back edge on the counter.
  • Place your pills into the Pillbox Filler compartments. Double check your work—the pills are easy to see and move if needed.
  • You may find it easier to remove a pill by sliding it to the open, funnel end of the compartment.
  • Move your pills into the pillbox by lifting the back (closed side) of the Pillbox Filler.
  • As you lift, push the pillbox lids back (open) with the tabs.
  • Continue to lift the back edge until the pills begin to slide into the pillbox compartments.
  • If you have several pills and pills of varying size causing them to bunch up in the funnel, simply shake gently and the funnel openings will guide your pills smoothly and accurately into the correct compartments.
  • Our pillbox lids have clear markings for each day of the week, AM and PM, plus a Braille letter to insure that you choose the correct day in case of low light or poor eyesight.

Our unique Pillbox design is easy to open & close--but guaranteed not to pop open: 


The Pillbox Filler and pillbox are custom-produced for us using our unique, patent pending design. We use only the highest quality, recyclable, food-grade PP plastics.

Made in China